Update 13th May 2022

Thought I’d give more of an update about who I am, and what further plans I have for this blog. My main thing with this blog is just to use it as an outlet for my thoughts, so kind of like a personal journal. I’ve tried writing journals in the past which I just keptContinue reading “Update 13th May 2022”

Focusing on Space Era

I am at least getting back into working on Space Era proper, as well as a few worldbuilding side projects based on other universes. I currently am not doing anything on my Space Era blog until I have done more stuff to write about, as it is all in early days of the reboot. IContinue reading “Focusing on Space Era”

Current State (Mental Health)

This was something I Tweeted, and thought I would share here, because it is important After a [expletive] year living here, I am still getting no support from mental health services. I have paranoid schizophrenia and am autistic, I struggle with social phobia and social anxiety, and am too scared to leave the flat 90%Continue reading “Current State (Mental Health)”

Paignton Zoo (April 30th 2022)

On Saturday (30th April) I went with my best friend Sandra to Paignton Zoo, during my stay in Exeter for her birthday celebrations. I had gotten into Exeter on the Friday, and we both only had a few hours of sleep on Friday night, but we got to the train station bright and early forContinue reading “Paignton Zoo (April 30th 2022)”

Growing Fears, Limits to Daily Life

So, as I mentioned previously I went away for the weekend to Exeter with my best friend. However, on the return journey, the first train was delayed for 18 minutes, then I had to switch to a bus which was delayed for a further 15 minutes, and then whilst waiting for the bus I checkedContinue reading “Growing Fears, Limits to Daily Life”

The Dragon Pearl, Restaurant Review (Paignton, Devon)

On Saturday, my best friend and I visited Paignton to go to the zoo, and afterward went to a Chinese restaurant named The Dragon Pearl, which can be found here just in case anyone happens to visit Paignton http://www.dragonpearl.co.uk/ I should probably point out that in general I have never been the greatest fan ofContinue reading “The Dragon Pearl, Restaurant Review (Paignton, Devon)”

Update 29 April 2022

A trigger warning for some of the contents. It’s been an eventful week. On Friday last week I went with my partner and family to a place near Manchester for a wedding. It was a long drive, I think about 5 – 6 hours as we got stuck in traffic due to an accident. ItContinue reading “Update 29 April 2022”

Update 21 April 2022

A little update on current things going on, etc. I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed with everything recently, which is why I made no post last week. There have been various things going on, and as I mentioned in the previous post, I have a busy few weeks coming up. I still haven’t heard fromContinue reading “Update 21 April 2022”

Update 08 April 2022, and the Month Ahead

Currently I am still really struggling with things with my mental health, but there have been some good things happening too, so here’s a little update on what’s been happening. The social worker that came to see me is off work until the 11th but has said that there should be support in place soonContinue reading “Update 08 April 2022, and the Month Ahead”

Best Friends

In 2018 somebody came in to my life which would change it forever. I have heard a lot of people say it’s silly to have best friends as an adult, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that, and besides as I never had a best friend growing up, it seems only fitting that I fill thatContinue reading “Best Friends”

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