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Lots to Update

Howdy Humans, apologies for the extended hiatus. The incident on my birthday had a significant affect on my mental health, and I am still struggling with the affects of it. But alas, I shall try to get you up to speed with what I’ve been doing, and how things are going for my mental health,Continue reading “Lots to Update”


40th Birthday Celebration (and pickpocketed)

So, last week, in fact a week ago today on the 28th October, I celebrated my 40th birthday. My best friend and I had booked to go to the War of the Words: Immersive Experience in London. She was travelling the 180+ miles from Exeter, and I met her at Paddington station where her trainContinue reading “40th Birthday Celebration (and pickpocketed)”

A Major Update (16/10/2022)

So, first of all, apologies for the long overdue post. Lots has been going on, and then I ended up without WiFi for several weeks, but all back up and running now. First of all, at the end of September I ended my relationship. I won’t go into the details on here, because I doContinue reading “A Major Update (16/10/2022)”

Update 08/08/2022

I was supposed to attend the War of the Worlds Immersive Experience in London on 28th July with my best friend, but due to illness I was unable to go. My friend still went and had a great time. If I can get vouchers for my unused ticket I will go during the summer, butContinue reading “Update 08/08/2022”

Plans in Motion

Howdy folks! So, some major changes are now being set into motion in my life moving forward. First and foremost is that, after 9 years away and trying to live in four other places, I have decided once and for all to return to my home town. It is the only place that I feelContinue reading “Plans in Motion”

A Voice in the Void YouTube Channel

So, at long last I have started my YouTube channel, where I will be vlogging to discuss similar stuff to what I share on here. I hope to do a couple of videos a month initially. So far I have just done the introductory video, which I have now published following positive feedback from severalContinue reading “A Voice in the Void YouTube Channel”

Summer Approaching, Trapped Indoors From Fear

It is drawing nearer and nearer to summer, and this is causing me considerably increased anxiety. As I have mentioned previously, I am limited to the times that I can leave my flat to school hours when most youths will be in school or college, and therefore it is safe. I do not generally goContinue reading “Summer Approaching, Trapped Indoors From Fear”

A Bit of an Update (21.06.22)

It’s been a bit hectic of late. A bit of an update. I love having Lys around, she spends about 3 days with me at a time and is lovely. She is now going out for walks as she has been vaccinated, so I take her out around 04:00 – 05:00 for 20-30 minutes, thenContinue reading “A Bit of an Update (21.06.22)”

One Year Home Anniversary

One year ago today I picked up the keys to this home. Moving here was relatively scary. Whilst I was in a constant state of fear living where I was before, I was at least within easy travel time to my Dad or my Aunt. Prior to moving here I would visit my Aunt onceContinue reading “One Year Home Anniversary”

Wiki Site Hacked

Well bad times struck a few days ago, as the site that I use for my Wikis in order to collate all of my projects was hacked. It was not targeted at my Wikis, but the whole site/server in general. I am not sure why someone would hack a Wiki site, nor what damage theyContinue reading “Wiki Site Hacked”